Laurie Hatton Hello. I think you are going to enjoy it here! This is a place for encouragement, support, information and ideas. It is a place to be reminded about the important things of life... family, friends, love, forgiveness, integrity, and taking the time to smell the roses or freshly baked cookies or whatever brings you happiness and peace. I will provide information about the new regulations regarding home daycare in Ontario (Bill 10 - also known as the Child Care Early Years Act, 2014). I will share ideas for fun and healthy kid friendly snacks and meals. It is my desire to motivate and educate caregivers so they will provide exceptional care (while always being both legal and profitable). I also wish to help those of you who are parents to find amazing home daycare for your little ones and navigate the challenges and joys of raising young ones. My husband and I have one daughter who is now in her early 20's and is attending University away from home. You may wish to join the discussion at my FB page. There are FB groups for providers and parents, some of which I belong to, which are fantastic. This is not meant to compete with or replace them. In fact, keep your eyes open for a future blog entry where I will likely share a selection of my favourites, so that you will be able to visit and enjoy them too! We will explore many topics. We may not always agree, and that's ok. All I ask is that you express your view with respect and kindness. Perhaps I will help you to look at things differently and convince you to change your mind. Or perhaps, you will convince me to change my mind. Or maybe we will agree to disagree. Not everything will be for you. My mom used to share an analogy. She said, if you go to an all you can eat buffet, you don't expect to eat or enjoy everything! Take what you want. Leave the rest. And don't be afraid to help yourself to something that looks interesting, but leave it on your plate if you find that it turns out not to be to your tastes! While visiting here, read what I and other members have to say. Take away what resonates as truth - that which may be helpful for you. Then leave the rest. Maybe it will be of benefit to someone else. While many of my posts will be about children - childcare in particular - I was encouraged by a friend recently to be willing to take a left turn if I am inspired to do so. I may write about the great world God created and the environment around us. I may share about dementia and caring for the elderly. Or perhaps my computer will make it's way into discussing how to have a healthy body and heart (both physically as well as emotionally and spiritually). I will likely talk about gratitude, forgiveness, faith, family and friends. Basically, I will share from my heart, and hope to inspire you to live the best life you can. I care about you, and pray that God will bless you as you read my words. I am brand new to blogging and creating a website, so please be kind and bear with me as I learn and grow this site. I welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions you may wish to give. Lots of Love, Laurie