Morning madness and chaos – What’s a mom to do?

 © 2015 Shoubert David Photography
© 2015  Shoubert David Photography
My friend, Andrea Gustafsson-Pitts, shared this on her Facebook page last year and gave me permission to share it here. I thought you'd find it amusing, and may be able to relate.... New rules being implemented to prevent our daily Pitts AM gong show: 1. Children will sleep fully clothed in the next days attire. This will include their coats, hats, mittens and boots. 2. Breakfast for all parties will be fruit smoothies in the car on the drive to school. There are no other food options so don't even ask. 3. All animals will be "self feeding". Dry food bags will be left open and a can opener placed beside their wet food. Do not over indulge and stop eating each other's food. 4. An electric perimeter will be installed around our house for all animals. All "business" must be done outside, cats included. 5. All beds will be slept on top of. You will be cozy enough in your fully snowsuits so no need to mess the sheets. 6. If you haven't packed it in your school bag the PM before, it's not going to school. Accept this. 7. All last minute requests and reminders must be presented by 6pm the previous day. 8. The Keurig will now be installed beside our bed. Do not speak to Mommy unless you've heard it pour two cups of coffee.
This should do it!

How's your morning Gong Show? What changes have you made that have made things go a little smoother in your home? Do you have any tips for others? Please share and help other moms survive the morning madness!


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