What’s a lady to do if the little ones want a picnic in the middle of Winter?

First thought that comes to mind is to grab that blanket you use at the park in the summer and put it on the kitchen or family room floor and make yourself a picnic lunch - complete with sandwiches, watermelon slices, veggies and dip - everything except the ants! But here's another suggestion... A couple years ago, I justĀ had two boys in my daycare one cold Winterday. We were going to go inside and have soup for lunch, but they didn't want to stop playing. So, we went in just long enough for me to quickly heat up the soup, finish cutting up the vegetables, and cut their bread into train and dinosaur shapes (with special shaped bread cutters I have). Then, as promised, we went back into the backyard to eat and finish playing. I believe that food usually tastes better outside. It doesn't matter if you are camping, picnicking at the beach, or enjoying a meal with friends on the outside patio of your favorite restaurant... or even having hot soup with a friend on a Little Tyke's Picnic table in the middle of winter! So whether you picnic inside because of the weather, or you go outside and enjoy a quick picnic in your backyard, enjoy your day with your little one(s). Don't let the season deprive you of a fun picnic! Where's the best place you've ever enjoyed a picnic? Have you had one in the winter before?facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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